Blurytech is a blog founded by Khalil Elhazmiri on June 22th, 2017, this site is all about the technology you can find on this website, Tech News, and Stories  - Tips & Tricks, Security News, ... and much more.

Blurytech's headquarter is in Marrakech, Morocco and have only one employer, the founder also has the Moroccan Nationality, he is 21 years old and currently studying Computer Engineering...

The Blog has currently 5 Categories which is :

News: Here you can find the latest news about technology and its new features and what is trending on the net.

Computing: The Computing category contain everything about the computer, including how to buy laptops or desktop whatever you want also you can find some facts and interesting stories about the Computer.

Hardware: If you are interested in Hardware news you will find everything in this category like Cooling Systems... or Hard Drive Type... etc

Software: This Category includes posts about Software like protecting your self from the virus by installing antivirus, also if there's a new software just got released I will write a review of that software.

Tips: Tips or better known by Tips & Tricks This category is on my website to give you something just got discovered and also to made you use Software or something else with the better way like  5 Tips and Tricks Google chrome for example.

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