Spotify gets Siri support with iOS 13
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Spotify has acquired the ability to play songs, albums and playlists via Apple's Siri audio assistant. The latest Spotify trial version includes this support, allowing songs to be played via Siri with iOS 13.1.

This is part of Apple's new capabilities with iOS 13, which means that music apps are now on par with Apple Music in terms of playing songs via Siri.

Although this new feature allows you to order Spotify songs via Siri on iPhone, it does not currently work on Apple's smartwatch, as Apple's wearable smartwatch does not have a fully customized Spotify app.

The watchOS music app is just a controller for playing songs on other devices that support Spotify, and Siri responds by saying: I'm sorry, I can't do it on Apple Watch.

Spotify's integration with Siri works well on Apple's AirPods, allowing you to say “Siri” and request albums, playlists, or songs to play on Spotify.

But one thing that doesn't work well is trying to play podcasts with Siri, where the music app tries to search for music instead of custom podcasts.

Spotify is currently testing this new functionality and is likely to debut in the coming weeks in the main application.

A service spokesman said in a statement: We are conducting a number of tests routinely in an attempt to improve our user experience, and some of these tests pave the way for the broader user experience, and will not comment on specific tests at this time.

Siri's previously inability to integrate with third-party applications was one of the main grievances raised by Spotify against Apple before the European Commission earlier this year.

Now that Siri has supported all third-party voice applications, the service may now have more difficulty persuading the European Commission to merit its own antitrust complaint against Apple.
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