Samsung to Unveil Some Features of The Upcoming Foldable smartphone
A Samsung official said the company plans to unveil some of its long-awaited folding smartphone features tomorrow at its annual developer conference, with the intention to show the phone to developers and the public to gather early reactions, even though the official, who did not He acknowledged that this was a "different approach" to the way the South Korean company preferred its handset, saying that this approach was necessary now that the folding phone was a brand new concept in terms of design and user experience.

The company is keen to stay away from its usual policy of keeping its product plans in a highly confidential way to make the folding smartphone the next big thing, so the company plans to provide some details of the main features of the phone developers this week, the goal is to get comments, New technologies require developers to modify applications to make sure they work smoothly when the phone folds.

Samsung needs to make the collapsible smartphone work properly in the hope that it will help it reverse the sharp drop in profits for the mobile phone division and restore some of the premium that its brand has lost to Apple. The move also underscores a new level of caution in product planning after cost The company's biggest hit in 2016 due to the crisis of its Galaxy Note 7.

"Unlike our flagship products, the folding phone is a brand new concept in terms of design and user experience, which requires a different approach. We want to share with developers what we have done so far and see what they are thinking before reaching the market," the official said. Folding phones carry the promise of allowing consumers to do more complex work that is usually done on a tablet or laptop, but with a more complex mobile phone.

The South Korean technology giant is among a handful of companies that have indicated that folding phones will soon be on the market, although they have been silent so far on the exact date, and analysts expect the date of its launch in the first half of 2019 , Ie later next year, making Samsung face the risk of fighting Apple's new phones.

China's Huawei said it plans to launch a 5G-enabled smartphone with a folding screen in mid-2019. However, California-based Royole revealed last week that it had a 7.8-inch FlexPai folding phone, At a starting price of $ 1,300, she will start charging the device, a combination of smartphone and tablet PC, in December.

Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung's vice president of mobile communications, said last week that the user interface for the phone would be unveiled at the company's annual developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Another Samsung official familiar with the matter said, It will be the first time that detailed images of the new phone have been publicly displayed.

Some analysts doubt that there is much appetite for such a product. "Samsung needs first of all to show that these phones are commercially viable, and if they are solid enough to take a place within," said Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment & Securities. A range of key products, such as the S-series and Note-series, could help improve the company's business in the losing mobile segment. "
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