Facebook needs to make big changes in how it works
The British Information Office (ICO), the UK's data watchdog, has forwarded Facebook to Ireland's data control authority, the main authority to deal with the social network under the strict data law in Europe, on issues related to how users are targeted and monitored. British Information Commissioner in how Facebook treats personal data after the Cambridge Analytics scandal and recent access to information from about 87 million social network users in incorrect ways.

Elizabeth Denham, the British Information Commissioner, imposed the highest possible fine of 500,000 pounds on the podium for misuse of data as part of an unprecedented investigation into misuse of data in British politics. But Elizabeth said today she had referred the other outstanding issues to Ireland .

She explained that Facebook has a lot of work to do to improve privacy and that legislation is required to ensure the company's cooperation. The Facebook business model violates privacy laws and the company is part of an environmental system that has shown very disturbing disregard for British citizens' data.

"We have transmitted our ongoing concerns about the functionality and targeting techniques of Facebook used to monitor individuals' browsing habits, interactions and behaviors across the Internet and various devices to the Irish Data Protection Committee." The Irish Data Protection Authority oversees complaints against Facebook regarding the General Data Protection GDPR.

The law allows the EU to impose corporate fines of up to 4 percent of its global revenue, which in the case of Facebook is $ 1.6 billion. Elizabeth noted that she is aware that other regulators have conducted investigations into how Facebook works during the period, It will work with the Irish Supervisory Authority and other authorities to develop a long-term strategy to address these issues.

According to the British Information Commissioner, Facebook has to change the way it does business, and called for social networking to be subject to tougher legislation and regulations. The US-based company has shown some improvement, but more needs to be done, Assume greater responsibility and must be further regulated.

"We've seen some evidence on the voluntary side of the company about being more transparent across things like the source of political advertising, but I think it needs to do more and it has to be regulated," Denham told a meeting of the Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports Committee on misleading information and false news. More stringent and control, where Facebook needs to change, a big change, including their business model and practices to maintain confidence. "

The British Information Office published a 113-page investigation into the use of data analysis in political campaigns. The report provides a comprehensive overview of Cambridge's penetration of Analytica, which allowed the political consulting firm to exploit the data of 87 million users on the platform compiled by the developer Dr. Aleksandr Kogan .
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