The next Windows 10 update lets you back in time

Microsoft is preparing to release the next update to its Windows 10 operating system on April 30, and although most Windows updates are very boring and consist mainly of security and reliability settings, the next update will provide Windows 10 users with some interesting new features, including The ability to go back in time, as the update revolves around time and its effective use, through the features of Timeline and Focus Assist.

According to Microsoft, the new feature Timeline allows the user to go back to the past 30 days to find the endless things. Microsoft means doing anything with Microsoft Edge or Office 365 on Windows 10, iOS and Android while recording Access to a Microsoft account If you write a document on your smartphone and want to complete it on your computer,

Timeline aims to search for and access this content seamlessly across your devices, so that the ability to retrieve the previous things within up to 30 days An additional feature is important.

Focus Assist focuses on removing distractions when trying to work or relax. With Focus Assist turned on in Windows 10, all social networking and notifications updates will be muted in general.

When you turn off the feature, a summary of what you've missed As a quick summary to see if something is important, it is also possible to run Focus Assist automatically for regular periods of the day when you do not want to distract.

The Microsoft Edge browser also features new features. Each tab can now be muted by clicking on a voice icon, and there is a full-screen jamming mode for web pages, e-books and PDFs. Edge will display your address and payment details securely To facilitate online shopping, with a new button for grammatical tools, which can help understand texts by splitting the words on the page into sections, as well as highlighting names, actions, and attributes.

Microsoft has also improved voice control with its intelligent digital assistant Cortana, who can immediately install the April 2018 Smart Home Control if compatible devices are installed, so smart home appliances from ecobee, Honeywell and Nest should execute the commands that are Sent to them via Cortana, as well as the possibility of voice control through voice dictation, a feature that has received significant improvements to be able to register user ideas, you can talk by pressing the buttons Win + H to find everything you say recorded and written, so that Microsoft is confident of That the All will like the accuracy of the spelling dictation.

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