3 Screens ??? YES The Samsung Galaxy X will feature 3 Screens Acording to Leaks

A leak at the Korean site The Bell revealed new information about the upcoming release of Samsung smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy X has three OLED screens, a foldable phone with the usual phone screen to use as a normal phone. When opened, the Samsung Galaxy X works as a single monitor, almost the size of the iPad mini.

The Korean site said the smartphone would have two 3.5-inch OLED monitors on the front and when the folding device was opened it would turn into a 7-inch tablet (smaller than a 0.9-inch Mini iPad).

The external display on the back of the phone can be used to fold it into the hands of the phone.

Samsung is expected to finish design of the new Samsung Galaxy X product in June. You may change some specifications. The product may be launched in 2019.

Some criticized the standards announced in the recent leaks, perhaps it would be better to have a phone screen slightly wider for example, 5 inches to be the size of the screens together 10 inches.

Samsung is not the only one planning to offer a retractable phone. Apple is also planning to set up a new, flexible or perhaps retractable iPhone phone (not sure how it looks). ZTE also launched a retractable phone last October, with a wide edge between the screens.
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