The most important features of the new Opera browser for Android phones Opera Touch

Opera has launched a new browser called Opera Touch for Android-powered phones with new features for ease of use and increased security.

The Opera Touch browser is designed for ease of use compared to other browsers, with its interface designed for use on the go with one hand. "According to our research on a large group of smartphone users in the United States, 86% Carry their smartphones with one hand while doing other things like eating, moving, walking or shopping, so we offer them a browser that makes it easier for them to perform daily tasks. "

The browser comes with three tabs at the top of the main interface, namely History to display your search history, and Home, which shows you the search window next to some of the most popular sites and the option to search by writing or audio or through images, and the third My Flow, which allows you to synchronize sites Between your phone and your PC.

My Flow feature

The most important feature of the new Opera browser is My Flow, a feature that allows you to synchronize websites between your phone and PC as long as you use Opera on both devices using QR codes, so you can share links, photos and videos between your devices without Need to sign in by email.

Fast Action Button feature

The main features of the browser are grouped with one button near the bottom of the screen in the reach of the thumb and called Fast Action Button, so you can perform common tasks such as switching between tabs or reloading the page or return without having to reach the top of the phone screen, Unlike most other browsers, you can browse and search the web more easily on the go.

Opera has added new features to the new browser to increase security as you browse the web, such as blocking built-in ads and protecting against exploiting encrypted digital currency mining, which prevents websites from exploiting your device to generate digital currency.

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  1. With SnapTube application, I can download videos. So I want to know that can I download videos with the Opera Mini?