New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

Google has officially announced a new update to its Gmail, which has many features in terms of design and effectiveness, some of which rely on artificial intelligence technologies to make users more secure and productive, and so far the new design is optional. The user can activate the new Gmail by clicking on the icon Gear in the upper right corner of your inbox and choose to activate the new version of Gmail to listen to new features including:

1. Do more tasks without leaving your inbox

The new Gmail interface will help you get more done. Now you'll see many options next to messages like scanning, archiving, and selection as read, with the ability to preview and open attachments - like pictures and files - without opening and browsing large text.

In addition to a very important new feature is Snoozing, which allows you to postpone reading the message to another time you specify and the Gmail will remind you on time.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

- New right side menu

Google in the new design exploited the right side space to give the user a side menu that provides more data and information about other applications and services from Google, which are used frequently in the work environment such as Calendar and Keep for notes and Tasks Tasks, which allows the user to follow all his appointments throughout Today and organize the tasks to be done.

3. Nudge feature to remind you of important messages

It is one of the advantages that rely on artificial intelligence techniques to know which messages the user should respond to and alert them to encourage them to respond. For example, if a message has to be answered before certain days, this message will appear at the top of your mail. A reminder that tells you that you may have two days left to respond ahead of time and so on, and this feature will help users make sure nothing important is up to them.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

Smart Reply feature

Last year, Google introduced a smart response to the Gmail application. "The Smart Response feature processes hundreds of millions of messages every day, and already accounts for more than 10 percent of email responses on phones, so we offer this feature to users," says Google. On the web to help them respond to messages faster "

Smart Response is the second feature of artificial intelligence technology that will analyze the content of your messages in your inbox and suggest appropriate, ready responses from which you can choose to respond directly without writing, to help users improve productivity and finish their tasks quickly.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

5. Confidential Mode

Is a new feature to secure messages so that the user can prevent the recipient of the message from copying, printing, downloading or forwarding to another person, with the possibility to specify a period of time after which the message will be automatically deleted and this feature will be important when sending emails containing sensitive or confidential information, Make the message expire after a specified time period.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

6. Native Offline feature

The new offline capabilities in Gmail will help your web browser work without interruption when you can not find a Wi-Fi network. You can search, write, reply to, delete, or archive messages for up to 90 days just like you do online, but offline. This feature will be available in the coming weeks.

New features for smartphones

Although the new design is only available to web surfers from computers, the Gmail application for both Android phones and iOS phones also has two new features: the first is to restrict the reception of notifications to high-priority messages to help you maintain focus without interruption, Task using artificial intelligence techniques, and second feature to offer suggestions for unsubscribing to postal services and offers that the user no longer interested in.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

Google said that the new Gemel design will be gradually available today to all users of Gemel around the world, but some of the features announced will be available in the next few weeks.
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