How to know if your computer is mining digital currencies without your knowledge?

In keeping with the sharp rise in digital currency prices, and in order to get easy money illegally, malware mining software has been increasingly used in 2017, where malware mining software may have reached your computer without your knowledge and started generating New digital currencies, where malware incidents involving malicious mining tools rose six-fold, according to the IBM Managed Security Services report.

How do you know that your computer is mining digital currencies without your knowledge?

Check the CPU
Start Checking Does the CPU use abnormally high? Where users of the Mac system can go to monitor activity, as Windows users can go to the Task Manager, if you see a high CPU usage when visiting a particular Web site, or if everything is locked on your machine, but the CPU usage is still High, it is possible to have malicious mining software.

It is difficult to determine the normal functioning of the CPU, because of the different processor power and how applications are used by users, but this can be seen through the sudden rise of CPU work.

Ad blocking tools
Your computer can be hacked by visiting a particular site, or by the ads inside it. Once you leave the site or close the tab, you can stop mining on your computer. For more peace of mind, you can block JavaScript from visiting a known site. By using privacy controls and content in your browser.

Ad blocking tools can help filter known types of "miners" in the browser, but there's a type called Coin Hive, which is not necessarily malicious mining software, where it can be included on websites without the visitor's knowledge, although its developers Encourage website owners to disclose them to users, and some ad blocking tools detect and block Coin Hive, such as AdBlock Plus.

IBM researchers have discovered a more sophisticated category of hidden mining programs that penetrate the system you are working in. These programs infiltrate your computer through image files or through links that take you to malicious sites. If your PC is infected with this type, You must monitor the performance of the CPU to determine which power-consuming process is to be completed.

Is the mining software mining Bitcoin?
This software does not create mining even if millions of computers are hacked because Bitcoin mining requires enormous computing power to be produced in a profitable way.

Is mining within the browser legitimate?
Some websites try mining in your browser to earn revenue that replaces ads, including but not limited to The Pirate Bay
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