WhatsApp reveals more details about business accounts

WhatsApp is poised to launch its independent business application. The company, owned by Facebook, has revealed more details about upcoming business accounts through the new FAQ page posted on its official website.

This information included details on how to identify verified business accounts and unverified accounts, and companies over the past few years have been using WhatsApp to widely communicate with customers, particularly in Asia.

The FAQ page indicates that while chatting with businesses, the user can verify the contact's profile to see which account they're using, as the verified account contains a green checkmark in the profile that proves to be an account of the original brand.

The gray question mark in the business account profile indicates that the account uses a business application and affiliation, but has not been verified or verified by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business is currently being tested by a private group of testers and will be provided by the company as an independent application called WhatsApp Business.

The description of the application available on the Google Play Store as a participant in the WhatsApp Business test you have early access to a wide range of new features that we have built with you in mind, please share your experiences with us so we can improve the product.

WhatsApp's application differs fromWhatsApp's normal application. The company changed the application's logo from the phone icon to the B code inside the green chat bubble.

WhatsApp reveals more details about business accounts

After the app install shows a title bar that points to WhatsApp Business, the app also has interesting features like auto-replies, business profile, chat transfer, and analytics.

"We provide you with the tools you need to control your business experience, where you can block and report business accounts as spam at any time within chat," the company says on the FAQ page.
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