Apple recognizes and explains why old iPhones is getting slower after launching new Models

If you think your iPhone is getting slow you're right!

In an attempt to explain this, and in response to a report from a highly rated processor evaluation company, Apple said it had released a special feature for iOS last year that would make your phone work slower than usual. This feature is designed to solve the problems caused by battery aging. Apple said that as it advanced in the old age, it loses its ability to retain its charge compared to newer batteries, and can get worse when the level of shipping or when the temperature drops to low levels.

She said the old battery might cause problems with the operation or turn off the phone suddenly, just as it did with my iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 last year, as the processors in those devices wanted to increase the speed, but their batteries could not process the request, Which led some phones to shut themselves off.

"To address this problem, iOS - starting with version 10.2.1 last year - has included better power management capabilities," said Apple. With the new feature, the operating system slows down your phone to prevent it from turning to sudden shutdown or shutdown in only certain cases, including low-temperature, low-battery or ultra-low batteries. Instead of completing the processor for a particular task at once, it splits it into several attempts to help manage energy consumption, which makes the user feel that his device has become slow.

In the past world, we have released a new feature for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to distribute tasks when needed to prevent the device from sudden shutdown during those conditions. We have now implemented this feature on the iPhone 7 running 11.2 ".

Apple's response comes in response to a report earlier this week by Primate Labs, the company behind Geekbench's evaluation of processors. The company's founder, John Boley, said in his blog that processors in iPhone devices slow down and lower performance as the battery becomes older and loses its power. Users are expected to provide their performance phones regardless of battery life, but their tests have shown otherwise, he said.

iPhone users complain about the slowness of their phones when newer models are launched. Some said they thought Apple and other companies were doing it deliberately to get users to buy newer models and devices.

It is also noteworthy that Apple has long denied this claim previously, but it acknowledged the slow in its final statement.
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