Instagram provides users with the ability to follow hashtags

The Image Sharing Platform "Instagram" announced on Tuesday that users can now follow up on labels to see the most important posts, stories and videos posted on a particular topic in the feed feeds, along with tracking individual accounts, public figures and businesses.

The platform owned by Facebook and has more than 800 million active users a month has started testing this feature about a month ago, and today announced the arrival of all users.

Tagging is a new way to discover new users who regularly publish useful content to others. The feature is useful if you want to get more information about a topic without having to follow other individual users and see what they're posting.

"We now offer you the ability to follow labels, allowing new ways to discover photos, videos and people on the platform," Instagram said in a blog post on her blog. Users can opt-out of marking at any time, and the new update can follow up on other people's tags. Their profile pages.

The platform indicated that the algorithm would allow the most popular posts to be displayed within the tag, so that all the tag posts would not appear in the feed feed.

Instagram said follow-up tracking is no different from any other friend's follow-up. After searching for a tag, a follow-up button will appear on its page, and then images, videos and stories begin to appear among friends' posts in the user's feed feed.

The platform talked about using automated and manual systems to identify inappropriate posts and remove unwanted content. Hundreds of people in the community operations team monitor users' reports and the platform's mechanism to review content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Instagram maintained that it follows the same rules of normal user privacy accounts, since publications associated with certain objects within the special accounts will only appear to the followers.
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