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Spotify gets Siri support with iOS 13
All rights go to Spotify

Spotify has acquired the ability to play songs, albums and playlists via Apple's Siri audio assistant. The latest Spotify trial version includes this support, allowing songs to be played via Siri with iOS 13.1.

This is part of Apple's new capabilities with iOS 13, which means that music apps are now on par with Apple Music in terms of playing songs via Siri.

Although this new feature allows you to order Spotify songs via Siri on iPhone, it does not currently work on Apple's smartwatch, as Apple's wearable smartwatch does not have a fully customized Spotify app.

The watchOS music app is just a controller for playing songs on other devices that support Spotify, and Siri responds by saying: I'm sorry, I can't do it on Apple Watch.

Spotify's integration with Siri works well on Apple's AirPods, allowing you to say “Siri” and request albums, playlists, or songs to play on Spotify.

But one thing that doesn't work well is trying to play podcasts with Siri, where the music app tries to search for music instead of custom podcasts.

Spotify is currently testing this new functionality and is likely to debut in the coming weeks in the main application.

A service spokesman said in a statement: We are conducting a number of tests routinely in an attempt to improve our user experience, and some of these tests pave the way for the broader user experience, and will not comment on specific tests at this time.

Siri's previously inability to integrate with third-party applications was one of the main grievances raised by Spotify against Apple before the European Commission earlier this year.

Now that Siri has supported all third-party voice applications, the service may now have more difficulty persuading the European Commission to merit its own antitrust complaint against Apple.
Factors to Consider When Choosing a Custom Software Development Company

One of the important tools that your company or business should have is customized software. It will be used by your employees that can make their work tasks easier and faster to get done. Although there are software applications you can install and use if you want to ensure its efficiency it has to be customized based on what your business or company needs. There are a lot of software development companies that can provide this service but if you want to make sure that you will be choosing the best one, below the some of the important factors you shouldn't overlook.


One of the most important factors to consider is the developers who are working in the company. They will be the one in charge of making the customized software which is why you have to make sure that these developers are really knowledgeable and experienced. Keep in mind that you will be investing your money to get the software you need which is why you have to know the members of the team that will make it possible. It will be better if you meet the developers first before availing the service so you can talk to them and figure out if you think they are capable of delivering great results.


The timeline of the project for the custom software that you will be availing is another factor to consider. This factor is very important because the software should be used as soon as possible and if it will take a long time for the developers to do it, it might cause delays and problems in running your business or company. Choose a software development company that is capable of finishing the project within a reasonable period of time so it can be used immediately. You also have to make sure that there will be no delays in finishing the project and you will be updated if there are problems that will occur that can affect the timeline.


Another factor to consider when choosing a company that provides custom software development is the support service. Even though you already have the software installed on the computers used for your company or business, the company should still provide support whenever there are problems in the software. In this way, you wouldn't have to worry about figuring out what to do if an error occurs because there will be an expert that will help you in fixing it. Before availing the software development service, you have to make sure whether they will provide support or not and if there are additional charges to have this feature be included.


The portfolio of the software development company is another important factor to consider. You have to make sure that the software developers have a lot of experience in doing the project. Find out which clients they already worked for and what kinds of software they are specializing in. remember that not all software is the same which is why you have to make sure that the company you will be choosing to know how to work on the software that you need.

How On-Demand Food Delivery Companies Can Use AI To Optimize Food Delivery?

In the so-called information age, at least on-demand food delivery app platforms are one of the truly great things of our time. And the only reason why the number of quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants is projecting up with a skyrocketing speed. Granted, they have wrapped themselves with the online delivery platforms.

Spurred by the internet penetration and smart use of smartphones resulting in increasing obsession of the consumers to order food online have boosted the food ordering industry, that as a result, witnessed a heated competition where every other food delivery app is vying to attract a bigger chunk of the market.

But to the dismay, the smaller entities in the industry are not harnessing the power of the latest technologies to optimize deliveries, streamlining operations and do effective marketing. As a result, they fail to drive their sales up. Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes from the same unutilized family of technology which remains untouched, considering it one of those abstract concept with presumably no real application.

To prove this perceived notion of AI wrong and to help you uplift your brand up by reeling in more consumers here we discuss how a brand can use AI to simplify their marketing efforts.

Predictive Customer Behavior

Understanding what consumers want and need - ideally, before they even do - can help the brand to understand each specific customer and learn their habits which eventually can help them better serve and drive sales.

The simplest way to understand this in action is when you log into any eCommerce app and you are supplied with an array of suggested products to buy. By AI's deep learning technology, brands can predict consumer behaviour months in advance and put it at work. The recommendation engine enables consumers to choose meals based on their eating preferences.

Chatbots Assistance

Chatbots provide on-demand human-like automated responses to common and most frequently asked questions by customers on web or app which helps in saving brand's time, resources and money and helps in satisfying customers with quick response system. Chatbot developers create scripts by evaluating a large number of possible scenarios, which in turn, can simplify customer interactions.

Voice-Activated Ordering

Voice ordering is gaining popularity after the increased domination of voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon's Alexa.

Starbucks introduced My Starbucks Barista in 2017, putting the coffee giant on the path to voice-activated ordering. Wingstop first unveiled it in 2009, making it one of the first players in the field to offer digital ordering and then later on integrating voice-activated technology in 2017. Pizza delivery chain Domino's also entered the voice-activated mobile ordering scene relatively early.


Quick serve and fast-casual restaurants must integrate AI-driven self-service Kiosks to reduce customer waiting time and improve the customer ordering experience.

Automated Advertising

Automated advertising automates your online advertising efforts so you can focus on other important business functions instead of investing your time in social media marketing campaigns.

There are monetary-based algorithms and ad-performance based algorithms to monitor it. Monetary based algorithms use your sales and conversion data from your ad campaigns to upscale or downscale bids on campaigns depending on their monetary performance. 

Ad-performance algorithms use performance data from your ads to optimize the high performing campaigns and stop the low performing ads.

The Final Word:

In this heavily saturated market, more and more companies are succeeding in its mission of optimizing delivery as they have figured out that the only way to stay competitive is by delivering better customer value. And the best way to do it is by adopting the latest technologies. 

AI has revolutionized the way QSRs and other on-demand food delivery app marketed and scaled their successes. When are you going to adopt it? The trend is here to stay! Be the frontrunner and contact your food delivery app development company now.
How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks

When most people have a website or blog, there are a few goals they have. It generally has the goal of building an audience or making money. However, with nearly 200 million active websites, there is a lot of competition to get the eyes of internet users.

Of course, there are many different ways to grow your audience and attract more readers to your blog. This can include using social media effectively, using paid advertisement and a variety of other methods. However, it’s also about backlink building strategy. Building backlinks is all about getting links to your content on the website of others. This will introduce your site or blog content to a whole new audience. However, getting backlinks on your own isn’t always the easiest.

With that in mind, this article is going to look at how your blog content can build quality backlinks and some general tips to getting high quality backlinks.

Create Valuable and High Quality Content

How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks

The first way to ensure your blog content will build and foster quality backlinks is to ensure your content is valuable and high quality. If your content is empty and doesn’t offer anything to readers, no one is going to put it on their site. In addition to being valuable and interesting, your content should be written well and be free from any errors.

While writing article is great, you should also try and include other content within certain articles. For example, using infographics or videos within your article are a great way to not only provide value, but also help get more shares. Whatever your content is, taking the extra step to make it more shareable is a great way to get more backlinks.

Consider Guest Posting

While most of your content will be posted on your own site, guest posting on other sites can actually be one of the best ways to get backlinks. See, not all backlinks are the same. In order to get the best backlinks that get the most eyes on your site, you need to get backlinks for authoritative sites. However, these high authority sites aren’t simply going to give out backlinks for nothing in return. Sure, quality content might get you some, but a surefire way to get backlinks on quality sites is to guest post.

When you make a guest post on a site or blog, it is normal to be allowed to include a backlink in the article. It should be a link to a page you are trying to rank up, whether that is your home page, your products page or anything else. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to increase your organic traffic without having to pay a cent. Of course, your main goal with a guest post shouldn’t be trying to sneak in a backlink, you should also try to provide value to the site you are posting on.

Try Promoting Your Content Via Email

How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks

Creating great content is important, but promoting the content is equally as important. The more people you can reach with your content, the more will likely share it. While many people will use social media for this, another underrated method is emailing. Promoting your content via emails helps you target actual individuals directly and see if they’re interested in helping you out or working with you.

Of course, don’t just email and ask them to share it, be sure to tell them how promoting or sharing your content could help them or their business. Be sure to try and show your value and potentially build a relationship instead of just spamming multiple people via email. Be sure to always be respectful and ensure both of you benefit from the agreement.

In conclusion, hopefully this article has been able to help you learn how to build quality backlinks through your blog.

Samsung to Unveil Some Features of The Upcoming Foldable smartphone
A Samsung official said the company plans to unveil some of its long-awaited folding smartphone features tomorrow at its annual developer conference, with the intention to show the phone to developers and the public to gather early reactions, even though the official, who did not He acknowledged that this was a "different approach" to the way the South Korean company preferred its handset, saying that this approach was necessary now that the folding phone was a brand new concept in terms of design and user experience.

The company is keen to stay away from its usual policy of keeping its product plans in a highly confidential way to make the folding smartphone the next big thing, so the company plans to provide some details of the main features of the phone developers this week, the goal is to get comments, New technologies require developers to modify applications to make sure they work smoothly when the phone folds.

Samsung needs to make the collapsible smartphone work properly in the hope that it will help it reverse the sharp drop in profits for the mobile phone division and restore some of the premium that its brand has lost to Apple. The move also underscores a new level of caution in product planning after cost The company's biggest hit in 2016 due to the crisis of its Galaxy Note 7.

"Unlike our flagship products, the folding phone is a brand new concept in terms of design and user experience, which requires a different approach. We want to share with developers what we have done so far and see what they are thinking before reaching the market," the official said. Folding phones carry the promise of allowing consumers to do more complex work that is usually done on a tablet or laptop, but with a more complex mobile phone.

The South Korean technology giant is among a handful of companies that have indicated that folding phones will soon be on the market, although they have been silent so far on the exact date, and analysts expect the date of its launch in the first half of 2019 , Ie later next year, making Samsung face the risk of fighting Apple's new phones.

China's Huawei said it plans to launch a 5G-enabled smartphone with a folding screen in mid-2019. However, California-based Royole revealed last week that it had a 7.8-inch FlexPai folding phone, At a starting price of $ 1,300, she will start charging the device, a combination of smartphone and tablet PC, in December.

Lee Kyeong-tae, Samsung's vice president of mobile communications, said last week that the user interface for the phone would be unveiled at the company's annual developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. Another Samsung official familiar with the matter said, It will be the first time that detailed images of the new phone have been publicly displayed.

Some analysts doubt that there is much appetite for such a product. "Samsung needs first of all to show that these phones are commercially viable, and if they are solid enough to take a place within," said Greg Roh, an analyst at HMC Investment & Securities. A range of key products, such as the S-series and Note-series, could help improve the company's business in the losing mobile segment. "
Facebook needs to make big changes in how it works
The British Information Office (ICO), the UK's data watchdog, has forwarded Facebook to Ireland's data control authority, the main authority to deal with the social network under the strict data law in Europe, on issues related to how users are targeted and monitored. British Information Commissioner in how Facebook treats personal data after the Cambridge Analytics scandal and recent access to information from about 87 million social network users in incorrect ways.

Elizabeth Denham, the British Information Commissioner, imposed the highest possible fine of 500,000 pounds on the podium for misuse of data as part of an unprecedented investigation into misuse of data in British politics. But Elizabeth said today she had referred the other outstanding issues to Ireland .

She explained that Facebook has a lot of work to do to improve privacy and that legislation is required to ensure the company's cooperation. The Facebook business model violates privacy laws and the company is part of an environmental system that has shown very disturbing disregard for British citizens' data.

"We have transmitted our ongoing concerns about the functionality and targeting techniques of Facebook used to monitor individuals' browsing habits, interactions and behaviors across the Internet and various devices to the Irish Data Protection Committee." The Irish Data Protection Authority oversees complaints against Facebook regarding the General Data Protection GDPR.

The law allows the EU to impose corporate fines of up to 4 percent of its global revenue, which in the case of Facebook is $ 1.6 billion. Elizabeth noted that she is aware that other regulators have conducted investigations into how Facebook works during the period, It will work with the Irish Supervisory Authority and other authorities to develop a long-term strategy to address these issues.

According to the British Information Commissioner, Facebook has to change the way it does business, and called for social networking to be subject to tougher legislation and regulations. The US-based company has shown some improvement, but more needs to be done, Assume greater responsibility and must be further regulated.

"We've seen some evidence on the voluntary side of the company about being more transparent across things like the source of political advertising, but I think it needs to do more and it has to be regulated," Denham told a meeting of the Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports Committee on misleading information and false news. More stringent and control, where Facebook needs to change, a big change, including their business model and practices to maintain confidence. "

The British Information Office published a 113-page investigation into the use of data analysis in political campaigns. The report provides a comprehensive overview of Cambridge's penetration of Analytica, which allowed the political consulting firm to exploit the data of 87 million users on the platform compiled by the developer Dr. Aleksandr Kogan .
The Future of Innovation in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

There are many major problems with artificial intelligence and the future. I'd like to discuss the clash between human innovation and artificial intelligence. The problem is already on the horizon, and although no one is really talking about it much, that's only because we are not paying attention to our surroundings and environment here in the information age.

Many will tell you artificial intelligence will never replace humans in certain domains such those things that involve creativity - categories like; art, storytelling, movie-making, writing, and innovation.

As much as I'd like to reassure you that these notions are true, I can't rationally or honestly tell you they are.

We already see the beginnings of AI in those categories, and the graffiti (writing) art is on the wall.

We already have AI art, and some of it is indistinguishable from pieces done by humans, AI has passed the Turing Test in that domain already.

We also have AI novel writers, and song writing and composing software, and it's also pretty good. We have seen the first AI movies too, no not up to human standards quite yet, but certainly getting there, and consider if you will the reality that there are very few new genres introduced these days, most movies are common storylines with only slight derivations in genre.

The plots are pretty predictable and good (high grossing) Hollywood movies follow certain rules, just as good writing and good art. Rules can be taught to computers, software, and thus, artificial intelligence. AI can also mix-and-match previously untried combinations and do so in real-time and at a very low cost per new unit produced.

As, I have stated before most innovation also follows rules, and often uses easy to follow strategies of re-combination. Further, for those who believe anyone and everyone teaching innovation today are actually helping people learn to be more creative and innovative, then obviously, it can't be that hard to do. And, if it is an easy task, then it's safe to say that Artificial Intelligence can easily conquer it. In fact, it doesn't take a creative genius to figure out how.

How to Mimic Creativity and Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

All you'd have to do is take IBM's Watson, hook it to a super computer and feed it all the world's information. Then merely instruct it to re-combine every word or phrase in every language, then ask Watson what that new phrase might mean.

It will come back with answers and the percentage of probability that each of those answers is correct for each re-combination.

Those re-combinations outputs with high percentage rates, let's say 75-99% could be looked at through crowd-sourcing with humans knowledgeable in those domains to see if each of the output answers made any sense.

Using this technique the AI Innovating Watson could come up with 10's of millions of viable original thoughts in one day.

Yes, that would be the first low-hanging fruit project, but that single effort would create more original thoughts than Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Richard Feynman combined than they had come up with in their entire lifetimes.

Let's say that number is 10,000 new original thoughts per each gentleman or 30,000 total - an incredible number by any standard, but the AI using a super computer and all the world's recorded knowledge and information - the AI innovator program could come up with a billion new original thoughts by next weekend and it could keep that going until it ran out of things to combine.

Does this mean that AI will be the master of innovation? Does this mean AI will replace human intellectuals? Does this mean that innovation consultants will become a thing of the past? Yes and no.

Yes, because it's inevitable eventually and no, because this won't happen overnight, and the AI will create a lot of work as we go and humans will have to verify all those new concepts - that alone could employ millions of intellectuals and would span almost every sector, industry and intellectual domain. Such a project could last decades - and provide the need for millions of jobs for 30+ years.

3 Methods to Save Money When Buying a Smartphone
Purchasing a phone through a major carrier can make your immediate costs lower, but you’ll be locked into a service contract. The contract will include the cost of your phone in installment payments, so you're still paying for it. Unlocked phones will usually cost more to purchase initially, but you'll save money in the long run, as they allow you to pay less on phone service since the phone is not locked to any specific service provider. 

1 : Choosing a Purchasing Option

3 Methods to Save Money When Buying a Smartphone

1-Shop for smartphones online.

 Online retailers will often offer phones for far lower costs than brick-and-mortar stores or major carriers. Examples of popular websites to purchase smartphones include Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay. These websites offer immense selection and have convenient search features.
  • When searching online, use the features you know you want to help narrow your results. For instance, most sites will allow you to use filters to narrow it down to phones that contain a specified amount of storage with a camera above a certain number of megapixels.
  • Check the website’s return policy before purchasing a phone online. Do not buy from a website that does not accept returns or that charges a restocking fee.
2-Pay for your phone in monthly installments.

Whether you buy your smartphone online or in person, you can likely pay off the cost in monthly installments. This will allow you to prevent paying a large lump sum upfront.
  • Note that many retailers will allow you to pay off your phone in installments without signing a service contract. This is different from major carriers, which have business models that revolve around locking your into a contract.
  • Avoid interest if possible. If interest is charged on the amount you owe each month, you’ll wind up paying more for your phone in the end.
  • Even online retailers like eBay offer ways to purchase a phone on installments. The website's BillMeLater option allows you to make monthly payment, though it does cost interest. Amazon offers installment payment plans for Amazon products only.

3-Buy a last-generation or “mid-range” phone from manufacturers.

The expensive smartphones you see advertisements for aren’t the only ones available. In fact, phone manufacturers are making more and more high quality phones for more affordable prices.
  • Some mid-range, or "affordable flagship" phones aren’t even available on contracts and can only be purchased online, directly from the manufacturer.
  • Last generation phones can usually be purchased from all sorts of retailers, including major carriers. These are often much cheaper than the newest models, and may not differ substantially. For instance, the newer model may have a better camera, but if this isn't important to you, the last generation may be a better choice.
  • Websites like GottaBeMobile keep track of the best deals, but they don’t sell the phones directly.

Method 2 : Buying an Unlocked Phone.

3 Methods to Save Money When Buying a Smartphone

 1-Consider purchasing an unlocked phone.

The main advantages of purchasing an unlocked phone revolve around avoiding a contract with a major carrier. These include access to cheaper service options and freedom to upgrade your phone whenever you want. In other words, purchasing an unlocked phone may allow you to pay less for service and avoid fees the next time you decide to upgrade your device.
  • You’ll also be able to sell an unlocked phone for more than a phone that was sold to you be a major carrier.
  • While you can get unlocked phones from popular brands like Apple and Samsung, look for options from other brands too, such as HTC, Moto, ZTE, and OnePlus.
2-Check an unlocked phone’s network compatibility.

Some phones will not work with the service provider you plan to use. You can look up a device’s specs on the manufacturer's website or the device itself (usually in a “Network and Connectivity” section). Specifically, you’re looking for the bands and frequencies that the device needs to run.
  • Check the service provider you hope to use to ensure that the bands and frequencies they provide service for match those of the phone you're considering.
  • In the U.S., unlocked phones will more frequently work with AT&T and T-Mobile, but are less likely to work with Verizon and Sprint.
  • Amazon listings often include info on a phone’s compatibility with major carriers.
3-Select a carrier or wireless service. 

Your service options are limited by the type of unlocked phone you select. However, you will likely still have the option between getting service from a major carrier or a more affordable option.
  • Most carriers, including major carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile and budget options like Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and MetroPCS will allow you to purchase service through them and insert a carrier-specific SIM card into your phone to activate your service plan.
  • Note that Sprint charges a fee to get service on an unlocked phone.

3 : Considering Other Ways to Save.

3 Methods to Save Money When Buying a Smartphone

1-Determine what specific features you’ll actually need. 

There are many different types of smartphones available with all sorts of different features. They come in a wide range of different costs too. Decide what features you will actually use to determine what types of features you don't need.
  • For instance, while two different phones may both have a camera, the quality of the camera lenses (especially in terms of megapixels) may differ substantially.
  • Another important specification is storage. If you want to store photos, music, and more on your phone, you’ll need a phone with more storage, which will increase its cost. 
2-Trade in your old phone. 

Many retailers will offer financial incentive to trade-in your old phone. You can also sell your old phone to a third party to offset the purchase of your new phone. You can usually get the most money for an old phone from websites that will quote you a price, send you a postage-paid box, and send you money when they receive your phone.
  • Specific online programs include Gazelle, Amazon, NextWorth, uSell, and EcoATM. Stores that will buy back your phone include Best Buy and Radioshack.
  • Be sure to check multiple stores/websites and get the most money for your old phone.

3-Buy a refurbished phone. 

Refurbished smartphones are often indistinguishable from new ones, and can costs hundreds of dollars less. You can get refurbished phones from carriers or retailers. Note that some refurbished phones are labeled “certified like-new.”

4-Compare options from multiple carriers.  

If you know you want to purchase your phone through a carrier, compare the overall cost of the phone and service from several different carriers. Often, carriers will try to lure you into a contract by making the phone seem inexpensive. It's important to understand that the cost of the phone is often built into the contract.
  • For instance, one carrier may offer the phone for "free" with a two year service contract, but charge $80/month for service. Meanwhile, another may charge you $300 for the phone if you sign a two year contract that costs $40/month.
  • In the long run, the second option costs less ($300+$960 over two years = $1,260, compared to $1,920 over two years), though you have to pay more up front.