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Reasons Why USB-C Is Indispensable for Your Brand New MacBook

You might have noticed something strange in the latest smartphones, tablets and even laptops. The biggest change is the familiar rectangular Type-A USB ports are missing, and now there are small oblong connectors. This welcomes to the world of USB-C era of business computing.

While majority of the flagship iPads and iPhones comes with Apple's most proprietary Lightning connector, USB- C is now have become part and parcel of most of the devices like MacBook, phones, tablets and lot more. Let's have a peep into the concept of USB-C before dealing with the reasons why it is indispensable for a new MacBook.

Redefining Speed - USB-C

USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, is a brand new connector for transferring data as well as the power to and from computing devices. The plug of the connector is symmetrical and thus one can insert the same either way. This alone feature makes it the biggest hit among the users, but at the same time, it also has many other new technologies.

Let's now plunge into the reasons!

Relatively Small and Compact

The availability of USB Type-C is a new connector standard that is relatively small. The best thing is that this latest device is supposed to be one-third in height and half of the width for any standard USB Type A connector. USB-C for MacBooks is indeed one of the best options as this is a small single connector and on the top of that users can use it across any given devices.

Terribly Fast

The ports of MacBook Pro are actually fast. The revolutionary ports are capable of transmitting data utilizing the super-fast speeds of the USB protocol up to 10 gigabits per second. On the other side, using USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 support built-in peripherals will enable users to enjoy a blistering speed up to 40Gbps.

MacBook Works as a Battery

Users of new MacBook series can use USB-C to power the battery of other computer having arrangements for USB Type-C. The good thing is that one can power as well as use a peripheral hard drive even without connecting the external drive into power. What more you have is that the touch Bar-equipped Mac can charge two separate devices using the power of up to 15 watts and two more devices consuming 7.5 watts.

Not Just Cables - More than that

This is something that is worth considering. USB Type C cables play smart. They (Thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor) have its own RM, processor, GPU built inside the same. Now, this sophistication suggests that the users can do faster and at the same time by keeping the cables kept secure.

So, from the above discussion, you must be willing to have USB-C for MacBooks to reap all the perks to stay one step ahead. Make sure to get in touch with a professional service provider to have your hands on the same.
OnePlus 6 Price, Release Date, And Renders Leaked On Amazon

A massive leak has potentially revealed the price and release date of the highly anticipated OnePlus 6, along with renders of the smartphone.

The leaks come just days before the official OnePlus 6 announcement date of May 16, when fans will finally know everything about the latest version of the flagship smartphone killer.

OnePlus 6 Leaks On Amazon: Price, Release Date, And Renders

A product page for the OnePlus 6 was spotted by Winfuture on Amazon Germany. The page was immediately taken down, but not fast enough to prevent OnePlus 6 details from leaking ahead of the official announcement.

According to the listing, which showed the smartphone in Midnight Black and Mirror Black, the OnePlus 6 price for the 64 GB version will be sold for €519, which is equivalent to about $620.

Meanwhile, the 128 GB version will be sold for €569, which is equivalent to about $680. The prices coincide with earlier rumors that there will be a OnePlus 6 256 GB version, which will carry a price tag of $749.

The leaked product page also revealed that the OnePlus 6 release date, at least in Germany, will be on May 22. OnePlus will allow a limited number of customers to purchase the device on May 21 and a global release on the following day makes sense.

The images that were showcased in the product page looked similar to previously leaked OnePlus 6 renders, though the difference is that these are official pictures. The OnePlus 6 notch is seen, along with a dual rear camera and the fingerprint scanner below it.

OnePlus 6 Specs Confirmed

In addition to the revelation of the possible price and release date, the leaked Amazon product page also confirmed previously reported OnePlus 6 specifications.

The OnePlus 6 will come with a 6.28-inch AMOLED display, with resolution of 2,280 x 1,080, and it will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The smartphone will have 6 GB of RAM for its 64 GB and 128 GB versions, with 8 GB of RAM reportedly accompanying the 256 GB model.

Gorilla Glass 5 will be used to protect the smartphone, and the Amazon listing also confirmed water resistance. However, it was not specified whether the OnePlus will carry IP67 or IP68 certification.

The OnePlus will have a USB Type-C port and will incorporate the Dash Charge technology of OnePlus for faster charging.

The OnePlus 6 specs, along with its price and release date, will be officially revealed on May 16. The question now is whether OnePlus still has some surprises in store for the OnePlus 6.

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A look at a Python vs PHP

People often argue about which programming language is superior, PHP or Python. This is a hard and somewhat incorrect question to consider. So let's get a little more specific. Python is a general-purpose language. A lot of programmers don't simply use Python for web development alone. With the right set of frameworks, it can be easily utilized for GUI application development and more complex things. Tkinter and Kivy may help you develop an application for a mobile or desktop platform. There are also Python libraries that are being successfully used for Big Data Science and Machine Learning. Offshore development companies make some crazy things with this programming language.

PHP, on the other hand, is mostly associated with the web development. It's not like you couldn't make a non-web application in PHP. But you wouldn't.

So instead of doing a thankless job, we will try to decide what language is better to use for the web development specifically.

Let's talk numbers.

PHP was created in 1995 and since then has gathered an enormous community around itself. Programmers around the world still develop frameworks to expand the functionality of this language. PHP was used in the creation of websites like Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo and Tumblr. It undoubtedly dominates the web development market with its share of around 80 percent. So the question about which one is more popular, PHP or Python, for web development, is already resolved.

Python was created in 1991. There are much fewer Python-made websites, but this language wins in a traffic-per-website competition. It is used in Google services, YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Spotify and Quora. It is also used a lot for the purposes of browser automation, machine learning, web scraping, data analysis and the Internet of Things.

If you plan on developing a website, you are probably going to choose between these two. Both have their advantages and disadvantages in certain situations, as many other programming languages. Both languages are open-source and multi-platform. They both also have a detailed documentation and an actively contributing community. But let's see how they differ from one another.

We already know that PHP is times more commonly used in the server-side web development than any other language. Its community has created many useful and popular frameworks for it: Laravel, Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and many more. With a decent knowledge and the right choice of frameworks, you can make the web functionality of PHP universal. Also, PHP syntax is quite forgiving, which some can assume a good thing. But I think it's important to have some standards in the code. Otherwise, it gets unclean and hard to read.

Web development with Python is more user-friendly. It has less web-dedicated frameworks but still, with Django, Flask and Pyramid, you can cover nearly anything regarding the web. If you prefer an asynchronous approach, there are frameworks like Twisted, Tornado, AsyncIO and AIOHTTP. You've got all the tools you need.

Also, this language has a much clearer syntax. It's strict but yet simple, highly readable and standardized. The resulting code in Python is always more elegant and transparent than the one in PHP. It will be easier to adjust and modify it later.

I guess there is no clear answer to our question. If you do want to dedicate yourself only to the web development and aren't afraid of any inconsistency in the syntax, you would probably consider choosing PHP. However, if you are new to the programming or haven't fully decided what would you do with the language you learn, try Python. With its easy learning curve and programming versatility, it is going to be a great way for you to start programming stuff.
How to get back "view image" button in Google Images search

Google two Months ago removed the View Image button that appeared when you clicked on a picture which let you open the image alone, this button was really really useful for users, but now you must do steps to save an image.

The intention seems to be either stopping people from taking an image altogether or driving them through to the website where the image is found, so that the website can serve ads and get revenue and so people are more likely to see any associated copyright information. That’s great news for publishers, but it’s an annoying additional step for someone trying to find a picture.

Now you’ll have to wait for a website to load and then scroll through it to find the image. Websites sometimes disable the ability to right click, too, which would make it even harder for someone to grab a photo they’re looking for.

So if you are a Google chrome user well this Tutorial will help you RESTORE "view image" button :

Click here to download the extension.

If you have any question feel free to write it in the comment section down below.

The most important features of the new Opera browser for Android phones Opera Touch

Opera has launched a new browser called Opera Touch for Android-powered phones with new features for ease of use and increased security.

The Opera Touch browser is designed for ease of use compared to other browsers, with its interface designed for use on the go with one hand. "According to our research on a large group of smartphone users in the United States, 86% Carry their smartphones with one hand while doing other things like eating, moving, walking or shopping, so we offer them a browser that makes it easier for them to perform daily tasks. "

The browser comes with three tabs at the top of the main interface, namely History to display your search history, and Home, which shows you the search window next to some of the most popular sites and the option to search by writing or audio or through images, and the third My Flow, which allows you to synchronize sites Between your phone and your PC.

My Flow feature

The most important feature of the new Opera browser is My Flow, a feature that allows you to synchronize websites between your phone and PC as long as you use Opera on both devices using QR codes, so you can share links, photos and videos between your devices without Need to sign in by email.

Fast Action Button feature

The main features of the browser are grouped with one button near the bottom of the screen in the reach of the thumb and called Fast Action Button, so you can perform common tasks such as switching between tabs or reloading the page or return without having to reach the top of the phone screen, Unlike most other browsers, you can browse and search the web more easily on the go.

Opera has added new features to the new browser to increase security as you browse the web, such as blocking built-in ads and protecting against exploiting encrypted digital currency mining, which prevents websites from exploiting your device to generate digital currency.

The next Windows 10 update lets you back in time

Microsoft is preparing to release the next update to its Windows 10 operating system on April 30, and although most Windows updates are very boring and consist mainly of security and reliability settings, the next update will provide Windows 10 users with some interesting new features, including The ability to go back in time, as the update revolves around time and its effective use, through the features of Timeline and Focus Assist.

According to Microsoft, the new feature Timeline allows the user to go back to the past 30 days to find the endless things. Microsoft means doing anything with Microsoft Edge or Office 365 on Windows 10, iOS and Android while recording Access to a Microsoft account If you write a document on your smartphone and want to complete it on your computer,

Timeline aims to search for and access this content seamlessly across your devices, so that the ability to retrieve the previous things within up to 30 days An additional feature is important.

Focus Assist focuses on removing distractions when trying to work or relax. With Focus Assist turned on in Windows 10, all social networking and notifications updates will be muted in general.

When you turn off the feature, a summary of what you've missed As a quick summary to see if something is important, it is also possible to run Focus Assist automatically for regular periods of the day when you do not want to distract.

The Microsoft Edge browser also features new features. Each tab can now be muted by clicking on a voice icon, and there is a full-screen jamming mode for web pages, e-books and PDFs. Edge will display your address and payment details securely To facilitate online shopping, with a new button for grammatical tools, which can help understand texts by splitting the words on the page into sections, as well as highlighting names, actions, and attributes.

Microsoft has also improved voice control with its intelligent digital assistant Cortana, who can immediately install the April 2018 Smart Home Control if compatible devices are installed, so smart home appliances from ecobee, Honeywell and Nest should execute the commands that are Sent to them via Cortana, as well as the possibility of voice control through voice dictation, a feature that has received significant improvements to be able to register user ideas, you can talk by pressing the buttons Win + H to find everything you say recorded and written, so that Microsoft is confident of That the All will like the accuracy of the spelling dictation.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

Google has officially announced a new update to its Gmail, which has many features in terms of design and effectiveness, some of which rely on artificial intelligence technologies to make users more secure and productive, and so far the new design is optional. The user can activate the new Gmail by clicking on the icon Gear in the upper right corner of your inbox and choose to activate the new version of Gmail to listen to new features including:

1. Do more tasks without leaving your inbox

The new Gmail interface will help you get more done. Now you'll see many options next to messages like scanning, archiving, and selection as read, with the ability to preview and open attachments - like pictures and files - without opening and browsing large text.

In addition to a very important new feature is Snoozing, which allows you to postpone reading the message to another time you specify and the Gmail will remind you on time.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

- New right side menu

Google in the new design exploited the right side space to give the user a side menu that provides more data and information about other applications and services from Google, which are used frequently in the work environment such as Calendar and Keep for notes and Tasks Tasks, which allows the user to follow all his appointments throughout Today and organize the tasks to be done.

3. Nudge feature to remind you of important messages

It is one of the advantages that rely on artificial intelligence techniques to know which messages the user should respond to and alert them to encourage them to respond. For example, if a message has to be answered before certain days, this message will appear at the top of your mail. A reminder that tells you that you may have two days left to respond ahead of time and so on, and this feature will help users make sure nothing important is up to them.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

Smart Reply feature

Last year, Google introduced a smart response to the Gmail application. "The Smart Response feature processes hundreds of millions of messages every day, and already accounts for more than 10 percent of email responses on phones, so we offer this feature to users," says Google. On the web to help them respond to messages faster "

Smart Response is the second feature of artificial intelligence technology that will analyze the content of your messages in your inbox and suggest appropriate, ready responses from which you can choose to respond directly without writing, to help users improve productivity and finish their tasks quickly.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

5. Confidential Mode

Is a new feature to secure messages so that the user can prevent the recipient of the message from copying, printing, downloading or forwarding to another person, with the possibility to specify a period of time after which the message will be automatically deleted and this feature will be important when sending emails containing sensitive or confidential information, Make the message expire after a specified time period.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

6. Native Offline feature

The new offline capabilities in Gmail will help your web browser work without interruption when you can not find a Wi-Fi network. You can search, write, reply to, delete, or archive messages for up to 90 days just like you do online, but offline. This feature will be available in the coming weeks.

New features for smartphones

Although the new design is only available to web surfers from computers, the Gmail application for both Android phones and iOS phones also has two new features: the first is to restrict the reception of notifications to high-priority messages to help you maintain focus without interruption, Task using artificial intelligence techniques, and second feature to offer suggestions for unsubscribing to postal services and offers that the user no longer interested in.

New Gmail: Here are some key features added by Google

Google said that the new Gemel design will be gradually available today to all users of Gemel around the world, but some of the features announced will be available in the next few weeks.
3 Screens ??? YES The Samsung Galaxy X will feature 3 Screens Acording to Leaks

A leak at the Korean site The Bell revealed new information about the upcoming release of Samsung smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy X has three OLED screens, a foldable phone with the usual phone screen to use as a normal phone. When opened, the Samsung Galaxy X works as a single monitor, almost the size of the iPad mini.

The Korean site said the smartphone would have two 3.5-inch OLED monitors on the front and when the folding device was opened it would turn into a 7-inch tablet (smaller than a 0.9-inch Mini iPad).

The external display on the back of the phone can be used to fold it into the hands of the phone.

Samsung is expected to finish design of the new Samsung Galaxy X product in June. You may change some specifications. The product may be launched in 2019.

Some criticized the standards announced in the recent leaks, perhaps it would be better to have a phone screen slightly wider for example, 5 inches to be the size of the screens together 10 inches.

Samsung is not the only one planning to offer a retractable phone. Apple is also planning to set up a new, flexible or perhaps retractable iPhone phone (not sure how it looks). ZTE also launched a retractable phone last October, with a wide edge between the screens.